Affiliate Program

The Team Finance Affiliate program allows users to receive on-chain rewards by encouraging projects to lock tokens on Team Finance.

This program is designed to align incentives between builders and communities by offering rewards for both the referrers and the founders who choose to lock their team tokens, LP tokens, and NFTs on Team Finance.

Here's how it works:

  1. The referrer approaches a project team that hasn’t yet locked their team tokens, liquidity pool (LP) tokens, or NFTs and tells them about the many benefits of locking on Team Finance.

  2. The referrer gives the project their wallet address to use as a discount code.

  3. The project uses the referrer's wallet address when creating a lock and receives a 10% discount on the fee.

  4. The referrer receives 30% of the fee as a reward. This is paid out immediately in ETH as part of the smart contract execution.

Affiliate Referral Example

For a $150 token lock, the project would get a $15 discount resulting in a $135 lock fee. The referrer would get $45 in ETH sent directly to their wallet.

The Team Finance Affiliate Program is now available for Team Token Locks, Liquidity Locks, and NFT Locks on Ethereum. Other services and networks may be included in the future.

Start making referrals today! Let your favorite project teams know why they should secure their token locks with Team Finance.

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