Team Finance

Claim Token Dashboard

The Team Finance Claim Token dashboard is where founders, project teams and their investors, employees and advisors can review, analyze and withdraw their tokens. The dashboard is customized based on your wallet address to display either admin or individual view: Admin view will be shown to those whose wallet address has created a smart contract for any Team Finance services such as team token lock, liquidity lock, token vesting or staking.
The individual view will be shown to those whose wallet address has not been used to create a smart contract but has been identified as the recipient of one of Team Finance's services. For example, an investor receives their unlocked tokens from a vesting schedule release period. Team Finance generates this individual view based on the data it receives from the admin when the smart contract is created.

How can I withdraw my claimable tokens?

To withdraw your tokens, go to Team Finance Claims ( and follow this simple procedure: 1. Connect your wallet. This helps us identify the amount and type of token you are entitled to receive and replaces the need for you to create an account with us.
Make sure you connect using a Team Finance-compatible wallet such as Metamask or Coinbase Wallet and the correct wallet connected to the Team Finance service.
2. Click the ‘Claim’ button. This will launch a popup which allows you to specify whether you’d like to withdraw the max amount or only a partial amount of tokens. 3. Complete the transaction, and your claimed tokens will be delivered to the connect wallet address. Note: You can only withdraw your tokens once the team token lock, liquidity lock, or token vesting period has finished.

Claim Token Dashboard FAQs

What is token claiming?
Claiming tokens refers to the process of unlocking and gaining access to tokens that have been vested, staked, or locked for a period of time. A claims token service is a platform or system that helps token holders track and manage their tokens and provides a mechanism for them to claim their tokens when they are eligible to do so.
What do I see on my Claim Token dashboard?
The Team Finance Claim Token dashboard is customized based on your wallet address to display either admin or individual view. You can view all tokens associated with that wallet address locked up (team token lock or liquidity lock) or in a V1, V2, or V3 vesting schedule or staking.
What are Admin vs. Individuals?
Admins have created a vesting contract. During contract creation, they can specify what type of vesting contract they wish to create (investor vs employee/advisor).
Individuals can check what type of vesting contracts they have on the 'Claims' dashboard.
Can a vesting contract be terminated before the end date?
Yes. For employees and advisors, the admin can end the contract at any time. In this event, all vested tokens up to that period will be available to be claimed by the individual. The admin can only claim any unvested tokens.
For investors vesting contracts, it is impossible to terminate the smart contract before the end date.
I created a token using Team Finance Mint. Why can’t I see my token on the claim token dashboard?
Mint currently has its own separate dashboard where you can see the status of your created tokens. Please visit
The Mint dashboard will be integrated into the overall Team Finance 'Claims' Tokens dashboard in the coming months.