Individual Token Pages

Every locked, vested or staked token automatically receives its own individual token page. This page includes multiple token metrics and Information specific to that project's token. You can view our list of tokens using Team Finance services on the "All Tokens" page.

Similar to what you might find on sites like CoinGecko or CoinMarketCap, our platform lets you see an overview of the token metrics and any data related to Team Finance services, including:

  1. Current Liquidity Locked with Team Finance.

  2. Lock Events. The time till the next unlock.

  3. Staking Pools active on Team Finance.

  4. Token Metrics like Market Cap, Volume (24h), and Circulating Supply

  5. Token Information like token name, blockchain, contract address, and ranking on CoinGecko.

You may use the information on this page for your community or investors to show them proof of your use of Team Finance services.

Why doesn't my token appear on the Team Finance website?

We collect Information for our "Individual Token Pages" from CoinGecko and from the data generated when someone uses a Team Finance service, such as locks, vesting, or staking. Make sure to either use a Team Finance service or have your token listed on CoinGecko to ensure that your token is included on our site.

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