Team Finance

Reward Token Contracts

Reward Tokens, sometimes called reflection or tax tokens, are a decentralized finance (DeFi) mechanism that incentivizes holders to earn passive returns off of transaction fees just for holding the assets in their wallets. Unlike other DeFi mechanisms, such as staking and yield farming, Reward Token Contracts do not require any action from the holder. A portion of the transaction fee is allocated to the liquidity pool, and another portion is distributed among token holders using a smart contract. To receive rewards, the holder must keep their reward tokens in their wallet.
Our Team Finance Reward Token Contract has been specifically developed for the distribution of reward (reflection/tax) tokens.
  • All reward tokens accumulated to the lock address are distributed to the lock owner via the smart contract.
  • Any rewards accumulated to the lock address can be withdrawn at any time.
  • Rewards can be received in the same token as the initial lock or a different token.
When creating one of these smart contracts with us, secondary features such as partial claims, lock transfers, and all other regular capabilities included are supported.
Reward Token Contracts do not support split locks, NFT liquidity bonds, or regular Team Finance lock contracts. Reward tokens and users will lose their accumulated reward tokens if they choose the standard Team Finance contract type.