Mint FAQs

How much does Mint cost?

Mint is free for projects for a limited time, with gas fees only required upon token creation. Please view our Team Finance Pricing page for all fees.

Which chains does Mint support?

Currently, Mint supports the creation of audited Ethereum (ERC-20), BNB Chain (Binance Smart Chain), Polygon, Pulsechain, Heco, Velas, Kava and Fantom tokens. We are constantly adding new chains.

Where can I find the Contract Address of my minted token?

Upon successful minting, the confirmation screen will contain the hash and contract address of the minted token. You can also find the contract address by clicking on the minted token on the "My Mints" webpage.

Where can I find my tokens after I mint them?

The tokens arrive automatically in your connected wallet at the time of creation. (e.g. Metamask wallet)

Can I create a token on a Testnet?

Yes. You can connect your wallet to the Ropsten network to test an ERC-20 token generation on Ethereum (ETH), connect to the BNB Testnet if you want to test token generation on the BNB Chain (Binance Smart Chain), or connect to the Mumbai Testnet if you want to mint tokens on the Polygon (MATIC) Testnet.

Why do I not see my minted tokens on the "My Mints" webpage?

Make sure your wallet is connected to the correct corresponding network. For example, if you minted on the ETH chain, you need to set your wallet to the Ethereum Mainnet to view your minted tokens on the 'My Mints' page.

What should I do once I’ve created a token?

If you want to create a successful cryptocurrency, we strongly recommend using other Team Finance services such as Liquidity Locks, token lock features, Token Vesting, Staking, and more.

Is an audit report generated for minted tokens?

Yes. You can download the Audit report by clicking on the desired minted token on the "My Mints" webpage.

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