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Token Locks

Token locks involve a user sending tokens to a smart contract. While inside the contract, tokens cannot be traded or withdrawn. Tokens are released once the time period the token sender established is complete. This time-release is customizable, with the sender being able to choose the exact day and time they want the tokens to become available. Our token lockup smart contracts are decentralized (Team Finance has no ability to access the tokens inside) and support 15+ unique blockchains. All contracts are audited by leading security firms. Lock your tokens in seconds, and benefit from Team Finance's unique locking service features like Split Locks, Partial Claims, and Lock Transfers.


Split Locks

Split your main lock into smaller locks. These smaller locks can have different owner addresses and end dates.


  • Diversifies risk away from a single wallet address
  • Avoid minimum transaction amount limits when withdrawing tokens
  • $150 USD locking fee for each split lock.

Partial Claims

Withdraw any number of tokens from a lock, not just the full amount.


  • Avoid problems with minimum transaction amounts when withdrawing tokens
  • No additional costs to using partial claims, only the associated gas fees.

Lock Transfers

Transfer lock ownership of a lock to another wallet address.


  • Flexibility in case there are changes to the project team
  • No fee for transferring ownership of a lock.

Create your own custom token lock instantly with Team Finance Lockups.