Team Finance Security & Audits

Why should you trust Team Finance?

Over 30,000 projects have used Team Finance services, and collectively we have held $6 billion USD in total value locked (TVL).

We've worked hard to ensure that our smart contracts are bulletproof. Every deployed smart contract is audited by two of the leading auditing firms in the industry, Hacken and Chainsulting.

Where can I find the smart contract details and audit reports?

Smart Contract Details | Audit Report Details

If you have further questions about our security and smart contracts, contact us via Telegram.

Exclusive Token Audit Deals

Every crypto project should have its token audited, as an audit helps ensure that there are no bugs or problems with the token contract code. Vulnerabilities in the code can lead to scams and loss of funds, something everyone wants to avoid. According to Chainalysis, stolen cryptocurrency totalled $14 billion in 2021 and reached an all-time high of $3 billion in hacked funds in 2022. To support projects using our services, Team Finance has an exclusive agreement with Hacken, the world’s leading smart contract audit agency that services industry leaders like Maker DAO and We are proud to offer crypto projects the following benefits with Hacken:

If you have created a token with the Team Finance token creator tool, you do not need to get your token audited. This is because Hacken has already audited the smart contract that we leverage for tokens created with Mint. Create your own custom token fast and securely, with no coding experience using Team Finance's token generator. ---> Learn more.

With offers, there can sometimes be exceptions to this in the form of requirements from certain exchanges to list a token. To find out more, please get in touch with us on Telegram.

Do I need to have used a Team Finance service to take advantage of this special offer?

No. Any project can apply for these benefits using our referral link. Please get in touch with us on Telegram to get this link.

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