Team Finance

Team Token Locks

What are Team Token Locks?

Team Finance Team Token Locks allow projects to lock a percentage of their team owned tokens into time-locked smart contract vaults. Tokens can not be accessed by the projects until the end of the locked period(s). This way the community and investors help lessen the risk of scams.

How should you allocate your token supply?

After creating your token, you’ll need to decide how to allocate your token supply. There is no one-size fits all approach to this allocation. However, the following graphic from Lauren Stephanian at Pantera Capital illustrates a recommended optimal structure:
For the ‘Team’ portion of the allocation, you’re likely to want to consider locking these tokens, at least initially.

Why locking your Team tokens is important

Around ~20% of the token supply should be distributed to the team. If you are looking to raise money from investors, the expectation is that your team tokens will be locked for a certain period of time. How long? After analysing 150 different data points, Lauren from Pantera suggests the average lockup be 2.3 years:
Locking your tokens creates instant credibility - it shows that you’re serious about actually building what you’ve promised.