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Token Vesting

What is Team Finance Token Vesting?

Team Finance Token Vesting allows founders to automate token distribution for their employees, advisors and investors.

Employees & Advisors:

Founders use the Token Vesting tool both for token equity distribution and salary disbursement. Vesting schedules or salary payments can be created in minutes, eliminating the need for multisender tools to manually send out payments bi-weekly. Founders can set the vesting schedule, cadence and cliffs according to their preference.


  • Saves time. No more having to check your spreadsheet and then scheduling a send via a multisender tool.
  • Reduces errors. Nobody likes an angry message from an investor or employee because you forgot to send money to them. Set up your vesting schedule once and never worry about it again afterwards.


After completing a presale, our vesting tool is the ideal solution for founders to distribute tokens to their investors. Founders can upload the file of their choice (CSV, Excel, or Google Sheet) and deploy a vesting contract according to whatever vesting cadence or schedule they have agreed upon with their investors.


  • Saves time. No more having to check your spreadsheet and then scheduling a send via a multisender tool.
  • Reduces errors. Any uploaded file is automatically screened by our system and checked for mistakes. Instead of receiving a ‘this file has errors’ message without any context, our system identifies exactly where your errors are and helps you fix them.
  • Reduces token sell pressure. You can set your vesting cadence per block, per day, per week, per month or quarterly, along with being able to set the cliff. Having investors receive smaller quantities at more frequent intervals, and being able to adjust the dates that different investors receive their vested tokens, can help reduce sell pressure on your token.

Token Vesting FAQs

What makes Team Finance Token Vesting Unique?

  1. 1.
    End the vesting contract for employees/investors at any time. Sometimes it doesn’t work out with employees or advisors. Knowing this, we’ve created the ability for founders to end vesting contracts at any stage, allowing you to withdraw any unvested tokens from your vesting contract
  2. 2.
    Claim token dashboard after vesting creation. After deploying your vesting contract you can use our claim token dashboard to visualise and analyse your contracts, helping you to take smarter business decisions
  3. 3.
    Seamless onboarding process. Founders can create their own plans in real time or upload the file of their choice (CSV, Excel, or Google Sheet) in less than 5 steps.

What’s the difference between vesting contracts for employees/advisors and investors?

The main difference between the two is the ability to end vesting contracts for employees and advisors. This is not possible under an investor vesting contract.

How can investors, employees and advisors receive their tokens?

Tokens can be withdrawn via our ‘Claim Token’ dashboard. Here investors, employees and advisors will also have access to a dashboard and the ability to buy/sell their tokens directly from the platform.

Can I end a vesting contract?

For employee and advisor vesting contracts, it is possible for the admin to end the contract at any time. This can be done via the Claims Token dashboard. Once a contract finishes, the admin will be able to withdraw any unvested tokens from the contract, while the end user will be able to withdraw any vested tokens. Investor vesting contracts cannot be ended. Once the contract has been deployed, tokens will continue to vest until the specified end date.

What happens if I want to adjust contract details?

Adjusting the vesting contract to change vesting cadence or extending the vesting date will require a new contract to be created.

What is a cliff? ⛰️

Cliffs are commonly used in company vesting plans. These plans are often 4 years in length, with a 1 year cliff, meaning that an employee does not receive any shares during the first year before starting their vesting schedule after the end of year 1.

Can I add more people after the initial vesting contract creation?

Yes. You will need to create a separate vesting contract.

How much does the service cost?

There are no limits on the number of wallet addresses that can be added.
If you wish to add more wallet addresses in the future after creating the initial vesting contract, this is possible.

I’m an investor or employee. Why can’t I see my tokens?

Make sure you’ve connected your wallet address that was used by the project during the creation of your vesting contract. If the correct wallet is connected, there should be no issue. In case of further questions, reach out to us on Telegram or Intercom.