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Mint Token Generation

Mint allows anyone to create a token in a few easy clicks. This tool is also known as a ‘token generator’.
Using Mint is a great option for founders wanting a quick, easy and trusted way to create their own tokens. It allows them to:
  • Create a token by leveraging a battle-tested, audited smart contract
  • Set token economics (Tokenomics) such as supply and supply type
  • Customise token functions like token burn, token mint, and transaction fees
Any token created via Team Finance’s Mint platform can only be controlled by the token creator (the founder). Team Finance has no control or ability to manipulate the token. To know more, check out the code audit:
Hacken | Certik
Once created, your token is sent directly to your Metamask wallet.

Mint Token Generation FAQs

How much does Mint cost?

Mint is free for a limited time, with projects only required to pay for gas fees upon token creation.
Why should I use a token generator like Mint instead of building a token internally?
We think your time and money is valuable. To create a token via Mint, it takes 10 minutes and costs you $0. To build your own token internally takes 3-6 months and costs between $20-$50K USD.
The only advantage of creating a token in-house is the flexibility to create your own features and parameters.That’s why we’ve worked hard to provide the most comprehensive set of features and parameters in the industry.
If you think that Mint is missing a feature that you’d need to feel comfortable before creating your own token, let us know here. We’re always looking for ways to improve the product!
What makes Mint better than other token generators?
Glad you asked :) The power of Mint is its synergy with other Team Finance services. Creating your token is only the very first step - if you want to build credibility and scale your community of investors and users, you’ll want to use other Team Finance services like Team Token Locks, Liquidity Locks, Token Vesting and Staking. Check out our guide for a primer on how to create your own successful cryptocurrency.

What would be the steps to create my own token internally?

We’re adamant that our Mint token generator is the best solution for you. So confident that we’re going to tell you how to build your own token internally so you can make the final decision: Step 1 - Find a smart contract developer to build a token on your selected blockchain. Developers can be found through sites like Upwork or through your personal network.
Estimated time: ~1 month Step 2 - Work with developer to create your token Estimated time: ~1-3 months Estimated cost: $10-20K USD Not including project setbacks, sick days, vacations, etc. Step 3 - Research smart contract auditors, contact them, and evaluate price quotes Estimated time: ~2 weeks Step 4 - Select auditor and wait while they evaluate token contract Estimated time: ~1-3 months (depending on auditors’ availability) Estimated cost: $10-50K USD (depending on the coding language of the blockchain) Total estimated time: 4-7 months Total estimated cost: $20-70K USD This assumes that there are no bugs or vulnerabilities identified by the auditor. This would require more time and money to fix.

Which chains does Mint support?

Currently, Mint supports the creation of audited Ethereum (ERC20), BSC (Binance Smart Chain), Polygon, Pulsechain, Heco, Velas and Fantom tokens. We are constantly adding new chains, stay tuned!

What kind of token customization does Mint enable?

Mint allows for customization in terms of initial and maximum token supply, soft/hard caps, pre-sale window, as well as inflationary, deflationary, rebasing and other fundamental properties.

Where can I find the Contract Address of my minted token?

Upon successful minting, the confirmation screen will contain the hash and contract address of the minted token. You can find the contract address by clicking on the minted token on the "My Mints" webpage.

Where can I find my tokens after I mint them?

The tokens arrive automatically into your Metamask wallet.

Can I create a token on a testnet?

Of course! You can connect your wallet to the Ropsten network to test ERC20 token generation on Ethereum, or connect to the BNB testnet if you want to test token generation on Binance Smart Chain, or connect to the Mumbai testnet if you want to mint tokens on the Polygon testnet.

Why do I not see my minted tokens on the "My Mints" webpage?

Make sure your Metamask wallet is connected to the correct corresponding network. For example, if you minted on the ETH chain, you need to set your Metamask wallet to Ethereum Mainnet to view your minted tokens on the 'My Mints' page.

What should I do once I’ve created a token?

If you want to create a successful cryptocurrency, we strongly recommend using other Team Finance services such as token locks, liquidity locks, and token vesting.

Is an audit report generated for minted tokens?

Yes, you can download the Audit report by clicking on the desired minted token on the "My Mints" webpage.