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NFT Liquidity Bonds

What is an NFT Liquidity Bond?

While the project has their LP tokens in a liquidity lock, they can’t access revenue from trading fees that they receive in their liquidity pool. This can lead to working capital constraints.
To solve this, Team Finance pioneered the creation of NFT liquidity bonds. This allows a project to create a NFT (an asset) from their liquidity lock. Converting this lock into an NFT allows it to be bought and sold on marketplaces like Opensea, Swappable and LooksRare.
By selling the NFT, a project is transferring ownership of the LP tokens inside the liquidity lock to another owner. The new owner is able to redeem this NFT on Team Finance to claim the LP tokens from the liquidity lock when this lock expires.
This allows the project to generate revenues without having to wait until the lock expires, meanwhile keeping their community and investors safe by ensuring the new owner can’t withdraw LP tokens until the token lock expires.

How do I list my NFT liquidity bond to a marketplace (Opensea, Swappable, Lookrare)

NFT liquidity bonds on Team Finance are automatically uploaded to NFT marketplaces. They can be found at the following links:
​Opensea | LooksRare​
Note that even though the locks are automatically available on these marketplaces, they cannot be bought or sold until the creator lists a floor price.